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UCFL210 Bearing


– 50 mm UCFL210 Flange Units (Oval) Bearing from ETK.

– Consists of an insert bearing inside a spherical outer diameter in a 2 bolt cast iron housing.

– The bearing is often mounted to the shaft by  two set screws in the extended portion of the inner ring.


UCFL210 Bearing Details

  • Product: UCFL210 Bearing
  • Housing Number: FL210
  • Housing Material: Cast Iron
  • Housing Strengh: HT200
  • Bearing Number: UC210
  • Bearing Material: Bearing Steel (GCr15 Chrome Steel)
  • Bearing Precision: P0V1 and P6V2
  • Multiple Bearing Seal Options: Double Seal, R3 (Tripple-Lip)  Seal, F Seal. For more information about ETK Bearing seals, please visit our Bearing Seal section.
  • Also available with eccentric locking collar.
  • Medium duty and heavy duty models are also available.

UCFL210 Bearing Dimensions


Bore diameter(d): 50 mm

Overall height(a): 197 mm

Distance between attachment bolts(e): 157 mm

Housing base side face to raceway center(i): 22 mm

Flange width(g): 18 mm

Width of housing(l): 40 mm

Diameter of attachment bolt hole(s): 19 mm

Top external diameter(b): 115 mm

Overall width(z): 54.6 mm

Width of inner ring(Bi): 51.6 mm

Inner Short Side to raceway  center(n): 19.0 mm

Mounting Bolt Size: M16/16 mm

Weight (KG): 2.2 kgs






*All information in this table has been carefully checked for mistakes. However, the catalog data should not be relied upon entirely for design and development purposes. ETK Bearings assumes no liability for possible errors or omissions. All dimensions and specifications are subject to change without notice. Contact ETK Bearings for the most current technical data regarding ETK products.


Product Information

  1. UCFL210 Bearing is widely used in various applications due to their versatility and reliability. Common applications include agricultural machinery, textile, printing, construction, conveyor systems, fans, and automotive parts. UCFL bearings can provide precise motion control and support under radial loads.
  2. The design of UCFL210 Bearing allows for easy mounting and alignment,  suitable for a broad range of industrial and commercial uses.
  3. Both Janpanese Standards and American Standards are available. See our  1 7/8 Flange Units (Oval) Bearing UCFL210-30, 1 15/16 Flange Units (Oval) Bearing UCFL210-31, 2 Flange Units (Oval) Bearing UCFL210-32 in our full bearing catalogue.
  4. You can watch the application of ETK’s UCFL210 Flange Units(Oval) Bearing in these Youtube videos!

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