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Setscrew Locking Type Bearings

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Setscrew Locking Type Bearings

There are two setscrews located at two places on one side of the wide inner ring 120° apart with which the bearing can be mounted to the shaft ,When mounting the bearing to the shaft,the torque shown in the following table is recommended to tighten the setscrew to shaft

Proper Tightening torque of Setscrew

In case of either the vibration is caused to the bearing,the alternating movement takes place ,the load applied to the bearing is large ,or the shaft rotation speed is rapid ,It is desired to provide with the filed seat of concave section at the part where the setscrews contact with the shaft ,If large thrust load is charged,It is recommended that jogging tighten with nuts be used to install the bearing most effectively to the shaft .

As shown in Fig:

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